C. Chr. Dommelshuizen (1842-1928)

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Cornelis Christiaan Dommelshuizen (also: Dommelshuyzen, Dommershuizen, Dommersen, Dommerson) was born in Utrecht on 11 November 1842. He was self-taught and worked in England and the Netherlands. From 1890, he lived and worked in The Hague. He travelled to the U.S., Belgium, the UK and France. A great talent in the genre of townscapes, particularly Amsterdam, he also painted seascapes, using various signatures including C.C. Dommershuizen and Chr. Dommelshuizen. He died in The Hague on 23 May 1928.

View of the Southern Church
Artist: C. Chr. Dommelshuizen (1842 - 1928)
Town: Amsterdam - Southern Church
Technique: oil on canvas
Size: 66 x 52,5 cm
Price: 59,500.-