W. Klijn (1892-1961).

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Wilhelm Heinrich (Willem) Klijn was born in 1892 in Amsterdam. He received his training from his father (H. Klijn) and visited the 'Rijksacademie' in Amsterdam. He grew to be a versatile artist: painter, aquarellist, etcher, lithographer. He particularly focused on landscapes, still lifes and town-views. Willem Klijn worked among other places in Amsterdam, Brussels, Wijk aan Zee, Den Helder en Zandvoort (last three places all in the Netherlands) and died in 1961 in his native town (source: Lexicons Pieter A. Scheen en P.M.J. Jacobs)

St. Nicolas Church
Artist: Willem Klijn (1892-1961)
Town: Amsterdam - St. Nicholas Church/
Weeping Tower
Technique water colour and conté
Size: 24 x 34 cm
Price: € 450.-